Duane A. Joseph Sr.

Duane A. Joseph Sr.

Duane is the President and Founder of MaranathaEd, LLC and heads up the instruction and academic coaching. Prior to starting MaranathaEd, Joseph served in the United States Navy, was a High School Mathematics Teacher for 14 years and worked with Kauffman Scholars Inc. where he was an Academic Coach, Recruiter, Assessment Coordinator and Mentor for the Kansas City-based Kauffman Foundation Program from 2008 to 2012. He is a well-known speaker in the field of education and enjoys speaking at educational conferences. Joseph is known as an educator’s educator. He’s the co-author of the ACT Prep Manual, Rule the Kingdom of ACT. His more than 25 years in education have been used to serve students and teachers alike. Duane’s passion began early in his career and continues to this day. Everything he does is intentional and that is exactly what his staff, colleagues and students have all come to love and admire about Joseph. His education motto is “Students don’t want to know how much you know until they know how much you care.” Joseph also gives back to the community. He has created The BackPacks 4 Teachers & Supply Closet Drive where he collects school supplies for Teachers in KCPS, with community partners like Starbucks, Reece Nichols Realty and Country Club Bank. Duane has been featured on many local news stations, magazines and was honored by Kansas City Business Journal as one of twenty-five 2015 NextGen Leaders in Kansas City. He’s also a 2018 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City Most Wanted Honoree. Check out his Linkedin profile for more information.

MaranathaEd is the leading Test Prep Company in the Kansas City Metro area. Our company’s mission is to improve the academic achievement of all students by providing a Foundation for Test Prep (ACT/SAT/PSAT/HSPT Prep) that brings about an overwhelming Confidence which leads to Success. Our main focal point is to reach Juniors and Seniors in high school who have not done well on the ACT/SAT/PSAT/HSPT Test and help them raise their scores so they can attend college and/or compete for scholarships. We also focus on students who would like to bring their scores to over a 30 Composite. As a company, Post-COVID we average an ACT Composite Score of 29 (English 32, Math 28, Reading 29, Science 28). Students who utilize our program have seen 3 to 10 point gains in their Sub-Scores and Composite Scores, 50 to 200 point gains in their SAT Scores.

Rule The Kingdom of ACT

Our Rule the Kingdom of ACT Test Prep Guide builds off our three principles: Strategies – Knowledge – Practice. It provides a clear understanding of how to Strategize for the English, Math, Reading, and Science subjects of the ACT. Also, it is intended to help teachers and parents know how to help their students become successful and allows the student to know what to expect when taking the ACT.

You’ll also get practical tips to help you navigate through the Content Knowledge in each subject area of the ACT. Additionally, you can access our Goal Setting and Time Management sections to help learn how to set yourself up for Success on the ACT. This easy – to – use guide will help you have a significant impact on your scores, college admission decisions, and scholarship opportunities.

The Joseph Family Foundation

The Joseph Family Foundation is a fiscally sponsored 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that’s designed to give back to the Kansas City Metropolitan community. Our organization is fiscally sponsored by a well-known nonprofit in the Kansas City, Missouri area. They mentor our cause as we develop and gather the direction we would like to take our organization. If you would like to know more about our fiscal sponsor, please contact us.

Our specific purpose is to act as a resource for inner city youth and families in the Kansas City Metropolitan area facilitating their transition to self-sufficiency while building the community.

To further our impact within the local community, our goal with The Joseph Family Foundation is to work directly with community members, young and old alike, to build a true sense of community, through programs that directly impact the lives of each individual person in the community.

Our vision is changing lives one by one through education while transforming communities.